How Spinning or Indoors Cycling Benefits your Health

Indoors Cycling, also known as spinning, is an aerobic exercise quite popular in recent years. This is due to the multiple benefits that bring to the body. Especially, since it tones the legs and buttocks, and improves the cardiovascular condition, and its excellent for mental health.

What is indoors cycling, or spinning?

Indoor cycling is a drill practiced on a static bicycle designed especially for that purpose. It is located inside of a closed space and is performed in the company of several people. There is usually a coach who directs the training by combining the exercise of pedaling with music.

It is a very fun activity. The sessions consist of changing rhythms according to the instructor’s criteria. A suitable class of cycling indoors then requires a static bicycle and, above all, music. The musical rhythm is responsible for marking the times and pedaling modes of the student in each of the sessions.

Beneficios del ciclismo indoors o spinning

The instructor is a key figure. He is the one who directs the class and organizes, using all its resources, the sessions and the rhythms that the students will have to follow. The goal is to achieve a combination of effort, either to increase strength and endurance or to maximize speed and control. All through imaginary routes where music sets the pace.


The spinning is a sport brings numerous benefits for the health of those who practice it. We already said that instructors organize different combinations of work that help the student to work different areas of the body. Through these combinations, many parts of our body will benefit.

The muscles of the lower body, legs, and others are the most rewarded by the indoors. This is because the constant pedaling that pushes these muscles to their limits of stamina and power. However, the muscles of the upper body are also taken care of, although to a lesser extent. In the long run, the whole body receives work through cycling indoors.

The constant pedaling and the cardiovascular demands of this exercise contribute to burn calories and metabolize fats. In this sense, the heart is one of the most benefited organs, since it works at its maximum potential. It strengthens and loses the fat layer that covers it, making it more powerful and capable of transporting more blood to the rest of the body. In this way, the circulatory flow improves markedly.


Beneficios del ciclismo indoors o spinning

Joy and vitality

With the continual training with spinning the typical problems associated with cardiovascular disorders can be prevented. On the other hand, this activity releases accumulated tensions in the body and stimulates the production of endorphins, the hormone associated with the sensations of pleasure, so the benefit in the mental aspect is notable.

There is no age limit for indoors spinning. The levels of demand of the trainer will always be adapted to the level of response of the athlete. Therefore there is no excuse to dedicate at least 3 days a week to this sport that seems hard, but it is very fun.