The Miracle of Ginkgo Biloba Leaf

The Ginkgo biloba leafs have been a part of the ancient Chinese medicine, practically since its foundation, mainly because the components of this plant give various benefits to the body that make it optime as an active principle of numerous medications.

Nowadays, many modern remedies include this tree’s leaf extract as an active principle, although what truly is noticeable about this is that remedies for very different diseases, all, include this same component.


Whether there actually isn’t an agreement on the efficacy of the Ginkgo biloba leafs, the truth is that it comes in handy to treat a wide spectrum of diseases. Till this day, it has been proven that the Ginkgo biloba leafs have flavones, lactones terpenes and phytosterols, which outstanding properties make it work as a perfect neuroprotector, peripheric vasodilator, platelet inhibitor, anti-hemorrhoids, diuretic and antioxidant.

Extracto de hojas del Ginkgo biloba, escudo contra el envejecimiento

It’s used in the traditional Chinese medicine to treat a wide spectrum of diseases, illnesses, and aches all the way from bronchitis, incontinence to vaginal candidiasis. The traditional Chinese medicine has given this plant a vast variety of uses, hence, the children’s enuresis and bladder swelling have also been treated and as an anti-allergies. Furthermore, the phytotherapy and homeopathy have it as the preferred medicine in the treatment for brain blood flow disorder.

¿What is Ginkgo good for?

In the present, there is a large discussion about the benefits this plant could have on our health. There are countless studies that profoundly accept the usefulness of this plant to treat some illnesses, as for another big amount offer bad results for other aches on people.

There is a bigger scientific consensus about the Ginkgo biloba’s efficacy to treat the pain and heaviness on legs, relieving the symptoms and minimizing the ache when it’s consumed with long and systematic treatments.
In addition to this, it has been proven to be great against migraines, occasional dizziness and vertigo, which are consequences of encephalic blood irrigation problems. Actually, it’s proven to be efficient in the treatment of vein disorders, such as varicose veins and hemorrhoids, related to a deficient blood flow; as to prevent thromboembolism, arteriosclerosis, and strokes, because of its vasodilator and antioxidant properties. This vasodilator effect is also evident in its capacity to fight the sound or ringing perception in the ears, such as tinnitus associated with vascular problems.Extracto de hojas del Ginkgo biloba, escudo contra el envejecimientoThere isn’t that much agreement on its capacity to strengthen memory and focus. As its efficacy on multiple sclerosis treatments, lung fibrosis, vitiligo, chemotherapy side effects reduction or sexual desire augmentation that don’t count with concluding studies that allow stating that Ginkgo is an effective option to fight this problem. In many cases, the results are even contradictory when the studies have been made.