All About Nursing Mother’s Nutrition – Tips and Diet Models

After the birth, the family has a new member. Between the emotion and the care of the baby, the nutrition of the nursing mother cannot be lost sight of. If you kept a correct diet during pregnancy, it should not be so difficult to continue after the baby was born.

The important thing, besides providing health and welfare to the new mother, is to feed and hydrate the baby. This is possible through breast milk. Hence the importance of taking good care of the food that the mother eats. While there are foods that provide vitamins and minerals, there are also some contraindicated in the delicate digestion of the baby..Nutrición de la madre lactante


Nutrients the mother needs

And what should the mother eat? Essentially, the mother’s diet must meet the nutritional needs of both her baby and her own. The diet of the nursing mother should be healthy and not very different from what we should have the rest of the people. The daily menu will be based on cereals such as bread, rice, pasta or oatmeal; also legumes such as lentils, peas, chickpeas, beans. The complement is fruits, vegetables and meat and fish in the recommended doses.

Items you should eat very carefully or avoid the most are sugar, sweets, and salty snacks. It is better to leave aside during the lactation sodas and fats.

Among the general recommendations, a correct nutrition of the nursing mother should consider an important consumption of calories. During lactation, the increase in the caloric needs of the mother will be 500 kcal / day. The ideal scenario is to respect the specifications stipulated by the specialist.

Also, protein ingest will increase, considering a consumption of 2 g per body weight per day. The increase of calcium and phosphorus, which will be vital for bone and dental mineralization, as well as for the neurological development of the baby. Vitamins and hydration will be another source of nutrients that should increase. The mother has to drink 2.5 to 3 liters of water per day.

Nutrición de la madre lactante

What to eat

The nutrition of the nursing mother includes a higher intake of dairy products. As for meats, it is better to opt for lean ones, avoiding fats and sausages. White and bluefish should also be consumed in greater quantity, preferably daily. Eggs should be consumed, as a source of protein, at least four units per week, if no contraindication applies.

Plant-based foods such as cereals, legumes, fruits, vegetables will not be lacking in the daily diet. Fats should come from sources such as bluefish, nuts or extra virgin olive oil, in moderate amounts.

With these foods, the breastfeeding mother can provide herself and her baby with the nutrients they both need. She has to maintain her body in optimal functioning and provide the child with the necessary nutrients through breast milk. He needs this nutrition rules to be followed so that his body has the raw material for healthy growth. Remember that the child’s diet in the first six months of life will consist exclusively of breast milk.